Hotter, Faster and Better Bed Bug Heat Treatments in Dallas & Fort Worth

When we started doing bed bug heat treatments in 2011 (outside of Texas) there was almost no one providing the service. Bed bugs were just starting to make their comeback at this point. We have focused on bed bugs only since the beginning. We turned away all other pest control work so that we could focus on our goal of becoming the best bed bug company in the USA. It took us less than 10 years to complete that goal. We confirmed this In 2019 by researching every company in the USA who provides bed bug treatments. There are almost none who even come close. Now we are your basic bed bug super heroes, the only ones to trust with your bed bug problem.


Without Causing Damage

Our target temperature is 150°F. We reach that temperature in ten minutes in the summer. Then we hold it there, turning the rooms into convection ovens. This temperature may seem extreme, but the inside of a car gets hotter in the summer. We have found it is the perfect temperature to prevent damage yet allow us to reach all of the hard to heat areas like between wooden furniture joints. Our proprietary heaters are one of the only types of fuel burning heaters that are capable of precise and automatic temperature control. Most other companies must manually adjust the heaters the entire time – leaving room for human error. Our heaters sit discreetly outside, bringing the heated outside air into the home through ducting. We honor your need for discretion and always keep the process on the down low.


Without Sacrificing Quality

Faster heat treatments are much better so long as you do not cut corners and sacrifice quality. Here is why. When you heat a bed bug infested room slowly to 120°F or 140°F it may take 10 hours or longer just to reach target temperature using electric heaters. That is if the target temperatures are ever reached. We believe that if you heat slowly, the bed bugs will have time to migrate away from the heated area before it reaches lethal temperature. Wouldn’t you? Then, the heat will not kill them. So… they will be alive and bitey. No good.


For those two reasons and so much more

If you have bed bugs, then you should use the best Specialized Heroes that you can find. There are other reasons to choose Heat Pest Services besides being hotter and faster than the other guys. Bed Bugs are all that we have done since 2012. Don’t choose the “Jack of All Pests” when you can choose an experienced bed bug specialist.

Customers love us, our reviews are great

We honor our warranty, and don’t play games. 

What Is A Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

We use specialized equipment to heat the infested areas to 150 degrees. The heat can be applied in only infested rooms or in the entire home. During our signature Heat Treatment the whole home will be heated including infestations lurking behind the walls. Furniture such as couches and beds are heated thoroughly to avoid replacing costly items. Carpets, walls, and ceiling are all heated so the bugs will be reached with lethal temperatures within all wall moldings. This treatment is very different than using a steamer or other device, as it will heat the entire space targeted, forcing hot air into cracks and crevices.

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Why is Heat Better Than Other Methods?

  • Kills All Bed Bugs and Eggs

  • Works In Hours, Not Weeks

  • Family Friendly

  • Only One Treatment Needed (Most Cases)

  • Pesticide Included With Heat

  • Warranty Included With Heat

Dallas Bed Bug Heat Treatment Infographic

dallas two year bed bug treatment warranty
Why is a heat treatment better than other methods?

Bed bugs can be very resistant to pesticide alone when not using the correct products. This is why a heat treatment is the preferred way to kill bed bugs. The benefits of the heat treatment over pesticide treatment are as follows.

    • Kills all bed bugs and eggs in 8 hours or less
    • 100% People and Pet Friendly
    • Re-enter the home quickly and get back to normal

Do I need to get rid of my furniture?

No. Keep all of your furniture in place for the heat treatment. The furniture will be usable after it is treated. There are some melt able or combustible items such as candles or Aerosols that need to be removed prior to heating. We will provide you with a detailed preparation checklist. Easy to follow, and safe for you home and contents.

Do our vehicles have “Bed Bugs” written on the side?

No. All of our vehicles and equipment are discreet. There are no pictures of bed bugs or words stating “Bed Bugs”. We understand that discretion is important to our customers.

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