Bed Bug Treatment Warranty Options Explained

Our warranties are no gimmick. They are one of the things that made us better from the beginning. We were the first to offer long term bed bug warranties and set the trend in each state we’re in.

If you have not learned the difference between a guarantee vs a warranty please do so. The intention of this page is to explain the different lengths of warranty that we offer for our bed bug treatments. We do not guarantee that you will receive the length of warranty that you expect after reading this page. The warranty offered by Heat Pest Services LLC will be determined by our bed bug super hero after visual inspection of the bed bug infestation and property. In some cases when we provide phone consultations, rather than an in-person inspection, we may provide you these warranty options for you to choose from. We may also only offer you one option based on our inspection findings or other factors determined during phone consultation.


Below is an excerpt from our bed bug heat treatment agreement.

CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS FOR BED BUG ELIMINATION. Up to 99% of all bed bugs and their eggs will be killed in areas where the heat treatment is applied in most situations. Vacant structures and cluttered or “hoarding” situations are difficult to treat for bed bugs and may take longer than normal for all bed bug activity to cease. If live bed bugs are found within 30 days in an area where heat treatment was applied by COMPANY, then customer can receive up to the level of service that was originally purchased from COMPANY at no cost to customer. If live bed bugs are found more than 30 days after original bed bug treatment was performed by COMPANY and within the bed bug warranty period, then additional pesticide bed bug treatment will be performed at no cost.

Long Term Warranty Situations

Long Term Warranties are Typically available Only for Owner Occupied Single Family Homes and other Single Family Homes that are Rentals with long term tenants, for example.

One Year Warranty

Receive a One Year Bed Bug Warranty with your Whole Home bed bug pesticide treatment and Partial Heat Treatment with whole home pesticide treatments.

Two Year Bed Bug Treatment Warranty

Offered with most whole home heat treatments in DFW.

Lifetime Bed Bug Treatment Warranty

We cover your bed bugs for as long as you are subscribed to our ongoing monthly pest control services,

Shorter Length Warranty Situations

We use these for High Risk, High Overturn Situations Such as Commercial facilities, Hospitality, and Some Single Family Homes in certain situations.

6 Month Warranty

The standard warranty given with bed bug pesticide treatments in Apartments, and High Overturn or High Risk Single Family Homes.

90 Day Warranty

The shortest warranty length aside from the rare “No Warranty” scenarios.

No Warranty Offered

The rare “No -Warranty” situations. Rare for us to offer, common for us to fix when customer’s unknowingly chose a non-hero Exterminator for their bed bugs.