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Live in Fort Worth? Don’t Worry, We’ve got you covered. Heat Pest Services is the most experienced Bed Bug Exterminator in Fort Worth and Dallas. We have specialized in Bed Bug Removal since 2012. Click here to see how We exterminate all bed bugs and eggs in 8 hours or less with our unique heat treatment process. Bed Bug Heat Treatments are now regarded as the most effective way to eliminate bed bugs due to their resistance to most pesticide used today. Contact us today for a free bed bug inspection and consultation.

Free Inspection

Fast Bed Bug Removal Fort Worth After Inspection

Heat Pest Services offers a free inspection for bed bugs. If you suspect you have them then contact us. If you know you have them we still recommend a free in home consultation in order to assess the problem and provide an accurate recommendation for extermination. This also allows us the opportunity to explain in detail the two treatment options, warranty, and preparation instructions. This will give you a chance to ask our Bed Bug Experts any questions you may have before and after treatment.

Heat Treatment

Extreme Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Fort Worth

Our first and best option for complete bed bug extermination is Heat Treatment. We heat the entire infested space to 150 degrees within minutes. The heat penetrates the furniture and other bed bug hiding places such as curtains and baseboards. Heat sensitive items like candles and medication must be removed from the area prior to treatment. The furniture and structure will not be damaged by our heating process. In a single family home we offer up to an 24 month warranty if we heat all rooms. Lesser warranty lengths are also an option depending on the situation.

Pesticide Treatment

Specialty Bed Bug Pest Control Company In Fort Worth

Although bed bugs are resistant to most of the pesticides used today, there are still some that work quite well if they are applied correctly. This option may be preferable in some circumstances where the heat treatment can not be performed. The main drawback to pesticide is that it does not kill the eggs. Therefore it will take several weeks for all of the bed bugs to die unless heat is applied. We do offer warranty for pesticide treatment as well. It is guaranteed to kill all bed bugs, it will just take longer than the heat treatment to accomplish.

Bed Bug Removal Service

If you contact us you will discover the difference in between a general pest control company and a specialized bed bug removal service. The service makes all the difference. Getting rid of your bed bugs and getting you back to normal fast is our number one priority. Dealing with bed bugs on your own  can be a very challenging proposition that can take its toll. We understand what you have been going through when you first discovered them to the many failures that come from trying to exterminate the bed bugs yourself. We will gladly help and guide you through the process of preparation and post-treatment instructions. Bed Bug Removal is our business, Call us today!