Free Bed Bug Inspection and Quote

Free inspections are offered at our discretion. There are many instances where we will change a $99 inspection fee. Homeowners who have seen bed bugs and are located in our normal service area almost always get a free inspection. The purpose of our bed bug inspection is to allow us to see the problem areas so we can properly advise and quote.

If we charge a $99 inspection fee and you purchase a treatment from us, then the $99 fee is credited to reduce your treatment cost.

What to Expect From Our Team

*Our team inspects your home in order to determine if bed bugs exist and also the level of the stage of the infestation. Our technician will arrive in a discreet vehicle which does not have any signage or words that include “bed bug” anywhere. Our team will inspect all beds, couches, couches, furniture for signs of an infestation. Once complete, the technician will recommend the best treatment option for your home.

*After the bed bug treatment is completed, we are always happy to return and complete an inspection to see if there is any continued signs of bed bug activity. We always remind our customers to call right away if  there is any sign that a problem exists after treatment.

Bed Bug Inspection Canines

Certain dogs are trained to be an effective tool for bed bug inspection. Normally, if we can see bed bugs with the human eye using a bed bug dog is not necessary.  Canine inspections should be only be performed by trusted third parties. Companies that use both canine detection and treat bed bugs can lead to a risky combination.  We only use a third party for canine detection to ensure  unbiased results.