Bed Bug Treatment in The DFW Metroplex and Beyond

All we have done is bed bug treatment since 2012. We have performed thousands of successful bed bug treatments using Heat and Pesticide. We offer the longest warranty at the best price and can get you back into your home quickly.  

Bed Bug Treatment Options

Compare The Bed Bug Treatment Options We Offer Below. See Our Comparison Page to See How Our Treatments Include More Value Than Others

Option 1: Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Our Heat Treatment is the most effective way to kill bed bugs. It reaches all hidden bed bugs and their eggs and exterminates them. It’s like pressing the big red “RESET” button, killing most (if not all) bed bugs in 8 hours or less. The pesticide we apply kills any that somehow survived the heat. It will also kill any bed bugs that get brought back into the treated areas after the heat. 

Heating all of the rooms is the best way to make sure that we get them all. If you have a lighter infestation, you may not need all rooms heated. Depending on your situation, we may offer to heat selected rooms and apply only pesticide in the remaining rooms. For example, we may recommend to heat just one or two rooms, or just the upstairs. All heat treatments include pesticide bed bug treatment in all rooms for effectiveness and prevention.


Out typical target temperature is 150°F. That is hotter than any of the other bed bug exterminators. Some situations call for lower or higher target temperatures. We’re able to reach and maintain our target temp with precise control.

Faster (With Zero Corners Cut)

Our proprietary equipment allows us to reach that target temperature of 150°F faster so the bed bugs can’t run and shelter from it. Our equipment and heroes are so efficient that your job is done faster so you can return home the same day in most cases.


Besides being Hotter and Faster, we are Better in other ways.

  1. We include a long-term bed bug warranty with our heat and pesticide treatments.
  2. We honor our warranty and do not charge to come back if the bugs are not dead or if they return during warranty.
  3. We offer customized treatment based on what you need, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.  
  4. We treat you like you’re family. We are blessed to serve you!

Option 2: Liquid Bed Bug Extermination

Pesticide Bed Bug Treatments are very effective in situations where the infestation has been caught early and little evidence is found. Our licensed bed bug heroes will carefully apply pesticide in all cracks and crevices where bed bugs are likely to hide.

Warning: The pesticide treatment method will not cure the bed bug problem in one day. You should expect to see full relief within 30-45 days. The only way to solve the problem faster is with a heat treatment. If pesticide treatment is the best choice for you, remember that you sill get a warranty with the pesticide treatment. Typical warranty included with pesticide-only treatment of whole home is 3 to 6 months If the bed bugs are not exterminated within 30 days, we continue to battle them with pesticide at no additional cost to you. If the bed bugs return during your warranty then we also come back for free. 

Not sure what option is best for you? Not sure if you have bed bugs?

Bed Bug Inspection with Magnifying Glass If you think you found a Very Small bug

Do you suspect bed bugs but are unsure if you have them? Are you unsure of what treatment option is right for you?

Call or Text us today for a free consultation or contact us online. We love and welcome your bed bug questions.

Bed Bug Warranty Included

We Don’t Play Games With Your Warranty.
We Understand and Take No Offense,
That You Never Want To See Us Again.
The Feeling Is Mutual. ;)
So We Do The Best We Can On Every Job.

Up to Two Year Warranty Included

Without Recurring Or Additional Fees When you purchase a whole home heat treatment. Warranty offered is variable based on situation presented to the bed bug hero upon arrival to your jobsite. Click the 2 year warranty badge below to learn more.

Dallas Two Year Bed Bug Treatment Warranty Included For Single Family Homes Stark

Lifetime Bed Bug Warranty Available

If you purchase a bed bug treatment and monthly recurring pest control services from us, then you keep your bed bug warranty for as long as you continue monthly service with no skips. Contact us for details.

You can Rest Easy knowing Heat Pest Services are Bed Bug Specialists. We understand Bed Bugs can be elusive and difficult to treat without prior experience and professional methods/pesticides. It is our focus to help you rest again, bed bug free. With our Heat Treatment, you can rest easy we have complete bed bug extermination.

We care about you! Give us a call anytime after your treatment if you feel you have re-encountered bugs. Sometimes there is a source outside the home frequently visited allowing bugs to travel back, our warranty covers this.. for up to 2 YEARS! That’s peace of mind, and Saving Money.

For example: 

Let’s say you were bed bug free for four months after our treatment. You then find a live bug. It is very likely that the bugs were re-introduced into your home after treatment. With our warranty you are still covered. If you’re still under warranty, we treat it again for free.

Keep in mind that bed bug warranties are available for most situations, but not all. 

Helpful Bed Bug Tips

With Handy Infographics

How to Inspect for Bed Bugs

How can you tell if you have bed bugs? If you are getting bitten by something then the first thing you should do is inspect your bed and couches. Learn how to inspect for bed bugs with the infographic below. If you can not find bed bugs then we will be happy to provide a free inspection (homeowners only).

Bed Bug Bites

One of the first signs of bed bugs is itchy bites. Just because you are getting bitten by something does not mean you have bed bugs. That is why it is important to find the bugs. Some people show no signs of bed bug bites, where others can have bad reactions. Learn about bed bug bites with the infographic below.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs

Our customers always ask “How do you get bed bugs?” because they have no idea how they got them. It is important to determine where the bed bugs came from so that you can prevent bringing them back in the future. Learn about the many common ways people get bed bugs in the infographic below.

How To Kill Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Treatment Advice

What to do if you find bed bugs? One of the first thing people do when they find bed bugs is go to the store and buy bed bug spray. This is the worst thing you can do. Most store bought pesticides can make the bed bugs run and spread to other rooms. Learn how this happens in the infographic below.