“We strive to meet our customers needs. In some of the most difficult of times, we are called out to customers homes who find themselves dealing with Bed Bugs, some have tried self-treating, some have even hired Bed Bug Exterminators. However, when Heat Pest Services arrives, we make sure to perform a detailed inspection and assessment, using our years of Bed Bug knowledge to recommend and perform the best possible bed bug treatment, the first time. This is why we offer each customer a long warranty in most cases. We know we will Completely Exterminate your Bed Bugs.”

– Captain Heat

Our goal from the outset

Our goal was to specialize in bed bugs and become so proficient at it that we would be considered the best bed bug exterminators in the U.S.A. Many of our customers asked us to do their pest control and we turned them down, referring them to another company. We could not afford to do anything that would distract us from our goal of being the best there is. The Heat Pest Services Brand is now celebrating our 10th year in business. During these first ten years we learned exactly what to do and what not to do for bed bug treatments. We made a lot of mistakes and corrected them, putting measures in place to prevent mishaps. We developed a detailed classroom training curriculum and very specific field training requirements for new technicians. In addition we developed and implemented a quality assurance program. After researching every bed bug company in the U.S.A. in 2019, we realized that we have achieved our goal. This is when we began adding other pest control services.

  • We Learned From our Many Mistakes

    As you may imagine, a new business who specializes in heating up homes and commercial buildings to exterminate bed bugs is likely to make many mistakes. Especially when this business had to develop their own procedures rather than borrow from an existing company that an owner worked for. The sole owner had many years of pest control experience, but almost nobody had heat treatment experience in 2011. There was only one other company who offered heat treatment in the first market where Heat Pest Was Born.

  • Training Development and Delivery

    We have complete classroom training that is efficiently delivered to every new employee and documented. In addition, each new employee must complete our on the job training program while they are closely monitored and coached by a seasoned manager. There are digital and demonstrative tests and quizzes administered to new employees to ensure complete understanding of concepts, procedures, and company policies.

    It took many years to develop our processes in the field as we learned what worked and what didn’t.

  • List Title 3

Learn About Heat Pest Services LLC and the Heat Pest Services Brand

We Are Not A Franchise, We are separate Entities Started with or Still have a common owner, Sterling Miller.

A Small Business That Wants To Grow Forever

Many people don’t like the sound of the term “Corporate”. It makes them think of things like micro-management, a rigid set of standard operating procedures, never ending redundancies of reports and meetings, and slow or no personal or professional progress. Worst of all the employee feels like they are not important enough to effect the direction of the corporation and in most large corporations, they are right to feel this way. Of course, there are other (more political/ ideological)  reasons that people dislike or even loathe corporations that I will not discuss further here. Regardless, as the common owner of the Heat Pest Services companies, I decided that creating a Mission Statement and Vision questions is important. Important so long as the answers were thoughtful and genuine. I wrote these Maybe five years ago or longer, when the brand was half the age as the time this paragraph was written, July 2021.

You may or may not own your own business or aspire to do so in the future. For me, it was my childhood dream. Learn more about me on the DFW  “Meet our Heroes” page on this site, and our other Local area sites. There is a much more lengthy and detailed story I wrote about the how we started, the successes and failures of the first ten years, and more on heatpest.com. Some new content is already available and more is being developed currently. If you would like to be notified as the content is released, then follow or subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and more.

 “We aim to be the Most Affordable, Reliable, and Best Overall Bed Bug Exterminator in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Maybe even El Paso but it sure is far from our other markets. It would even take captain heat a while to fly there and back! Lol. Come to think of it, Mantis wont ever be able to go to El Paso, because he cant fly that far with his wings, they will not let him on a plane with those claws, and he gets green on even short car trips.”

“Texas, We Love You, and We are blessed to serve your citizens!”

-Yours Truly,

HunnyBee, LadyBug, Praying Mantis, and Captain Heat

Our Answers To The Standard Corporate Questions

Is Corportate a bad word to you?Many people don’t like the sound of “Corporate”. It makes them think of things like micro-management, a rigid set of standard operating procedures, never ending redundancies of reports and

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help each customer, and understand their individual pest needs. This will allow us to give personalized services and reduce our environmental footprint. Our customer’s satisfaction is our guarantee.

Bed Bug Team: Our Focus is to help those who are suffering with a bed bug infestation by providing emergency response, compassion, and effective bed bug treatment.


We strive to meet our customer expectations in pest relief of all nature. We continue to establish ourselves as a reliable, family oriented, affordable Bed Bug removal service.


To be the most honest and reliable bed bug treatment company in the industry with the ability to cure your bed bug infestation for good, using methods that have been tested and improved over time.


      • Cherish relationships, not profits. We are blessed to serve you!
      • Be Honest in all regards; We will never tell you you have bed bugs and require treatment if no bed bugs or evidence is found upon inspection.
      • Have compassion for those dealing with bed bugs because it can be so detrimental to many areas of life.
      • Think outside the box to provide effective recommendations and treatment for the specific situation.
      • Acknowledge our mistakes and provide fast remediation if mistakes are made.