“We strive to meet our customers needs. In some of the most difficult of times, we are called out to customers homes who find themselves dealing with Bed Bugs, some have tried self-treating, some have even hired Bed Bug Exterminators. However, when Texas Bed Bug Heat Treatment, LLC arrives, we make sure to perform a detailed inspection and assessment, using our years of Bed Bug knowledge to recommend and perform the best possible bed bug treatment, the first time. This is why we offer each customer a long warranty in most cases. We know we will Completely Exterminate your Bed Bugs.”

– Captain Heat

  • We Learned From our Many Mistakes

    As you may imagine, a new business who specializes in heating up homes and commercial buildings to exterminate bed bugs is likely to make many mistakes. Especially when this business had to develop their own procedures rather than borrow from an existing company that an owner worked for. The sole owner had many years of pest control experience, but almost nobody had heat treatment experience in 2011. There was only one other company who offered heat treatment in the first market where Texas Bed Bug Heat Treatment, LLC was born.

  • Training Development and Delivery

    We have complete classroom training that is efficiently delivered to every new employee and documented. In addition, each new employee must complete our on the job training program while they are closely monitored and coached by a seasoned manager. There are digital and demonstrative tests and quizzes administered to new employees to ensure complete understanding of concepts, procedures, and company policies.

    It took many years to develop our processes in the field as we learned what worked and what didn’t.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help each customer, and understand their individual pest needs. This will allow us to give personalized services and reduce our environmental footprint. Our customer’s satisfaction is our guarantee.

Bed Bug Team: Our Focus is to help those who are suffering with a bed bug infestation by providing emergency response, compassion, and effective bed bug treatment.


We strive to meet our customer expectations in pest relief of all nature. We continue to establish ourselves as a reliable, family oriented, affordable Bed Bug removal service.


To be the most honest and reliable bed bug treatment company in the industry with the ability to cure your bed bug infestation for good, using methods that have been tested and improved over time.


      • Cherish relationships, not profits. We are blessed to serve you!
      • Be Honest in all regards; We will never tell you you have bed bugs and require treatment if no bed bugs or evidence is found upon inspection.
      • Have compassion for those dealing with bed bugs because it can be so detrimental to many areas of life.
      • Think outside the box to provide effective recommendations and treatment for the specific situation.
      • Acknowledge our mistakes and provide fast remediation if mistakes are made.