How do you get bed bugs?

Our customers always ask “How do you get bed bugs?” because they have no idea how they got them. It is important to determine where the bed bugs came from so that you can prevent bringing them back in the future.

Bed bugs are hitch hikers. It only takes one pregnant female bed bug to start the infestation. A pregnant female bed bug will actively try to spread to new areas to get away from the male bed bugs. She will climb onto a person’s clothing, luggage, or belongings. She wants to be carried to a new structure where she will begin laying eggs and start a new infestation.

Bed bugs can be introduced by anyone who comes and goes from a structure.

One way people bring bed bugs into the structure is on used furniture. Furniture from second hand stores or garage sales may have bed bugs hiding within. Never bring furniture in from the side of the road.

Another way bed bugs can enter the home is from maid services. Bed bugs be sucked into the vacuum and be brought from one house to another.

Learn about the many common ways people get bed bugs in the infographic below.

How do you get bed bugs and do you need a heat treatment

How Bed Bugs Spread

Bed bugs spread from room to room.

How does a bed bug infestation spread so quickly throughout a building? It just takes one pregnant female bed bug to cause a huge problem. Once a female bed bug is impregnated she wants to get away from all male bed bugs. Other males will try to mate with her if she does not leave the immediate area. The female bed bug lays eggs immediately after moving in. Check out the infographic below to learn how they spread.