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We offer free bed bug inspections for homeowners in Dallas and Fort Worth. If you are hesitant to invite us to your home for the consultation due to COVID-19, then we can provide a contactless experience. For apartment tenants, renters, and commercial facilities we charge $75 for an in-person bed bug inspection.

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Free In Person Bed Bug Inspection

We provide free bed bug inspections for homeowners in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Surrounding Cities. If you have not seen bed bugs but you suspect that you have them due to itchy bites, then an in-person inspection is required.

For apartment tenants, renters, and some commercial facilities, we charge $75 for the in-person bed bug inspection.

What to Expect: A Professional Technician – Not a Salesman.

We do not employ salesmen. When you schedule an inspection we send over a trained and experienced technician. They will quickly assess the situation and offer options for immediate treatment. We can generally offer next day services, one way we try and provide fast  reliable relief.

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