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What can Captain Heat and his team at Heat Pest Services LLC do for you?

Bed Bug Services

Heat Pest Services has been a bed bug focused company since its inception. We began serving Texas in 2015, Serving other markets since 2011. In Texas, Bed bugs services are that we provided until 2021. Today, our primary focus is still bed bug services but we have been accepting other challenges and easily conquering them. Check out the best bed bug services in DFW and all surrounding areas.

You may be wondering this. Why did we not offer other pest control services to our bed bug customers?

Our goal was to specialize in one thing to the point that we would be considered the best bed bug exterminators in the U.S.A. Many of our customers asked us to do their pest control and we turned them down, referring them to another company. We could not afford anything that would distract us from our goal of being the best there is. The Heat Pest Services Brand is now celebrating our 10th year in business. During this time we learned exactly what to do and what not to do for bed bug treatments. We made a lot of mistakes and corrected them, putting measures in place to prevent mishaps. We developed a detailed classroom training curriculum and very specific field training requirements for new technicians. In addition we developed and implemented a quality assurance program. After researching every bed bug company in the U.S.A. in 2019, we realized that we have achieved our goal. This is when we began adding other pest control services listed below.

Ant Abatement

Is your home being attacked and invaded by ants? Welcome to Texas!

There are many kinds of ants in the DFW Metroplex. These social insects are relatives of bees. They work together for the good of the colony. Some ants give the gift of a painful bite or sting. Some ants invade the interior of structures and others just stick to the outside.

We need to find out what kind of ants we’re dealing with so we can provide effective service. If the wrong material is used it can make the problem worse.

Ants eat different things depending on the type of ant and the time of year. It’s important to know which ants eat what at what time of year. We use this knowledge to determine what kind of bait to use for your situation.

If you have ants and want them gone then contact us. We will inspect and identify the ants and get rid of them.

Cockroach Exterminator

German Roaches are the most serious roach problem you can have. Commonly found in residential and commercial kitchens and bathrooms.

There are several kinds of roaches in DFW but the worst kind are German Roaches. We exterminate all types of roaches but it is important for an exterminator to ID the type of roaches to provide an effective treatment.

We can exterminate many kinds of roaches with one treatment in many cases and give you many months of roach free environments. German roaches are not one of them. Multiple treatments are always required to exterminate German Roaches.

Heat Pest Services provides cockroach extermination for Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens.

We also provide cockroach extermination homes, apartments, healthcare facilities, and other commercial facilities.

Pest Control for Fleas and Mites

Is something biting you? Contact us for help.

When our customers are getting bitten by some unknown bug they often reach out to us. We are here to help. We need to identify the target pest to provide the right treatment for your situation. Contact us to set up an inspection for biting insects today.

Rodent Removal

Is your home being attacked and invaded by rats or mice? Welcome to Texas!

Rats and Mice have been relentlessly invading the homes of Texas citizens forever. The climate is ideal for them. If the climate is so ideal for them, then why do they invade the homes of these innocent home and business owners? Because yummy. They’re after the delicacies that the natural environment rarely or never provides. These sweet tooth attackers pretend like they are coming to you seeking shelter. They try to make you feel sorry for them so that you will allow them to continue to scrounge up tasty morsels. After all, they’re only eating what you would have thrown away anyway. Live and let live, right? I mean if you are going to keep them in a cage or put diapers on them then that would be fine, I guess. Too bad they do not wear diapers, because they defalcate and urinate everywhere they walk. All through your attic and crawlspace they gather insulation and other materials they find.  They use these to make beds more comfortable than yours. They may have even used parts of your mattress to make theirs. Don’t worry, you wont notice until you finally change your sheets. In all seriousness, you cant let these villains stay. Eventually they will turn and burn. Literally they could burn your house down by chewing the wiring as they file down their rapidly growing incisors.

Make the call, get them gone, have us do it. We’ll send our most experienced rodent extraction team to inspect, and make a plan with you to secure your structure. We will start right away if you choose us, and after several visits we will outsmart, trick, trap, and otherwise eliminate the rodents. Once they’re gone we clean areas of concern and seal current and future entry points. The crisis will be averted so you can worry about more important things.

Spider Extermination

Is your home being attacked and invaded by spiders? Welcome to Texas!

Our pest control service eliminates spiders including black widows, brown widows, and brown recluse. We may not be able to permanently get rid of all spiders from your property but we can surely eliminate them from inside and around the structure for extended periods of time. We also clean spider webs from the interior and exterior of your home.

Our pest control service will reduce populations of bugs that the spiders feed on. Spiders will in turn be less attracted to your property and more attracted to areas that have more food available to them.

Some spiders like black widows and other arachnids like scorpions must be manually removed. Contact us, we know what to do.

Mosquito Control Service

Mosquitoes might as well be the state bird of Texas

Mosquitoes are vectors of many diseases. It is very important to protect yourself, your family, and your animals from mosquito borne illnesses. Mosquito spray meant for the skin should always be used when mosquitoes are present.

We can help reduce populations of outdoor mosquitoes with effective pesticide applications. If you want the best protection against mosquitoes then hire us to apply pesticide at your property regularly.

Pest Control for Carpet Beetles

Our Customers commonly mistake carpet beetles beetles for bed bugs. It’s cool, we don’t mind.

If you find a bug on your bed or couch it may not be a bed bug but a carpet beetle. Contact us right away if you ever find a bug on your bed or couch. Carpet Beetles are not as bad as bed bugs but they’re still a problem we should eliminate for you.

If you thing you are getting bitten by a bug in bed, then you may be experiencing skin irritation from carpet beetle larvae. Contact us right away if you are getting bitten by a bug or getting skin irritation that you think may be bug related. Carpet beetle larvae look like small spikey worms. They are smaller than a grain of rice. When it turns from a larvae (worm) into a beetle it leaves its spikey shed skin behind. The spikes can become embedded into fabrics of furniture, blankets, linens, pillows, and carpets. You can launder these items in hopes of eliminating the source of your skin irritation but we still need to eliminate the beetles from the structure to prevent continuing issues. We need to get rid of the adult carpet beetles so that they do not continue to lay eggs which turn into the spikey, worm-like larvae.

Carpet beetles come from the outdoors unlike bed bugs who are carried into the home on your clothes or items. You can prevent carpet beetle infestations. It is important to make sure your window screens are in good condition to keep them (and other insects) out. You should also make sure that there are no gaps around your doors where small insects can enter. Hire us for indoor and outdoor pest control to eliminate and prevent carpet beetles.

Tick Treatment

Outdoor and Indoor Pest Control for Ticks

Ticks are another one of those pests that sometimes are mistaken for bed bugs. Ticks and bed bugs have important similarities and differences.

How are ticks similar to bed bugs?

Ticks and bed bugs both feed on blood. They can both be found on beds and furniture. Some ticks (like brown dog ticks) are similar to bed bugs in size, shape, and color. They are both hitch hikers who are carried into structures by their host. Ticks and bed bugs can not jump, they can only crawl.

How are ticks different than bed bugs?

Ticks have more differences to bed bugs than similarities. This is important because you can not provide the same treatment for ticks and bed bugs.


Ticks have eight legs and bed bugs only have six. That means that ticks are not technically bugs at all. Ticks are arachnids, meaning they are in the spider family.


When ticks feed, they burrow into the skin of their host and can be difficult to remove. Bed bugs feed quickly when their victim is asleep and they are rarely found on the body of humans or animals. Ticks most often feed on animals where bed bugs most often feed on humans. Ticks feed for several hours or days at a time. Bed bugs only feed for a few minutes before leaving their host to hide nearby.


Ticks come from the outdoors in grassy areas and usually come into a structure on an animal – usually a dog. Bed bugs come from other structures that have bed bugs. They are carried into the structure on furniture, belongings, in bags or luggage, or on a person’s clothing. Ticks like to live and lay their eggs outside. Bed bugs like to live and lay their eggs inside.


If ticks are found indoors, then both the inside and outside of the structure must be treated. Most of our tick treatment will target grassy areas where pets frequent. Also, all pets must be treated by their owner or a veterinarian. Bed bug treatment is focused indoors. With bed bugs there is no need to treat outdoors at all.


Tick treatment costs much less than bed bug treatment. The indoor treatment for bed bugs is much more intense than with ticks. If ticks are found indoors they will only be on the host animal and in areas where the host animal sleeps in most cases. Indoor tick populations are minimal compared to bed bugs.