DeSoto TX Bed Bug Treatment

Are there bed bugs in DeSoto Texas? Yes, DeSoto is one of the top hot spots for bed bugs in the DFW area. This is according to our in-house data of bed bug treatments we have performed in the DeSoto zip code 75115. This zip code is in the top ten list of highest number of bed bug treatments we have performed in the Dallas area between 2016 and 2020.

How are people in DeSoto Getting Bed Bugs?

Residents of DeSoto Texas are picking up bed bugs everywhere. Once bed bugs are established in an area it is easy for them to spread from person to person. The bugs will grab onto a persons clothing or belongings to travel from one structure to another. Bed bugs do not usually get into peoples hair, they prefer to hide on clothing when traveling. Unlike other bugs, bed bugs do not live outdoors. They only live inside structures. Learn more about all of the places that you can get bed bugs with the infographic below.

how are so many people in desoto texas 75115 getting bed bugs and requiring treatment

What Hotels and Apartments in DeSoto Have Bed Bugs?

Many people assume that bed bugs only occur in lower quality hotels and apartments. They never think that there is a widespread bed bug problem in homes. In DeSoto, TX  there are no recent reports of bed bugs in hotels or apartments according to as of the date of this writing. This does not contradict our claim that DeSoto is one of the worst cities for bed bugs because our customers are mostly homeowners. This means that homeowners in DeSoto are not getting the bed bugs from local hotels or apartments. Many of our customers travel for work and bring the bed bugs back with them from other parts of the country.

Free Bed Bug Inspections in DeSoto TX

Heat Pest services offers Free bed bug inspections in DeSoto, TX for homeowners. For renters and we charge $75 for the inspection because we must obtain permission from the property owner or management before we can provide treatment. Call or text (214) 817-3531 to schedule your bed bug inspection. If you know you have bed bugs and just need a price for bed bug treatment then contact us to perform a virtual estimate.

Inspect For Bed Bugs Yourself

Do you think you have bed bugs but you are worried about an inspector coming to your home due to COVID-19 concerns? That is no problem! You can perform your own bed bug inspection. You must have a flashlight and the ability to lift up your beds and couches to perform a proper bed bug inspection. Find the bed bugs on the bottom sides of the mattress and/or box spring at the seams and cracks. Also check the bed frame at the cracks of wood joints and inside screw holes. Bed bugs will also be hiding in wooden furniture and behind wall plates of electrical outlets. Check the couch by removing the cushions and turning upside down. Pay close attention to the cracks and seams.

infographic of how to inspect for bed bugs in DeSoto texas

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