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“Bed bugs are very resistant to pesticides. Thankfully, bed bugs are not resistant to HEAT. Our heat treatment process kills all bed bugs in 8 hours or less without causing damage to belongings.”

Unconditional 18-Month WarrantyWhy is a heat treatment better than other methods?

Bed bugs are very resistant to pesticide alone. This is why a heat treatment is the preferred way to kill bed bugs. The benefits of the heat treatment over pesticide treatment are as follows.

        • Kills all bed bugs and eggs in 8 hours or less
        • 100% People and Pet Friendly
        • Re-enter the home quickly and get back to normal
        • 100% Guaranteed
        • 18 month bed bug warranty included with whole home heat treatment

What is a bed bug heat treatment?

We use specialized equipment to heat the infested areas to 150 degrees. The heat can be applied in one room or in the entire home. The whole room gets heated, not just the contents. Furniture such as couches and beds are heated through and through. Carpets, walls, and ceiling are all heated so the bugs will die wherever they are hiding. This is very different than using a steamer or other device.

Do I need to get rid of my furniture?

No. Keep all of your furniture in place for the heat treatment. The furniture will be usable after it is treated. There are some things such as candles that need to be removed prior to heating.

Do our vehicles have “Bed Bugs” written on the side?

No. All of our vehicles and equipment are discreet. There are no pictures of bed bugs or words stating “Bed Bugs”. We understand that discretion is important to you. That is why it is important to us.

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Watch the video below to see our bed bug heat treatment in action.

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