Phoenix Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs have been increasing in Phoenix since 2007, and in 2015 we expect to see the highest number of bed bug occurrences to date. Don’t be surprised when bed bugs are found in your home. With the increased number of bed bug occurrences comes with increased numbers of companies “specializing” in bed bug treatment in Phoenix.

There are half a dozen companies in Phoenix providing bed bug treatment only. Some of these companies are one or two man operations that have only held pest control licences for a very short time. Other companies specializing in bed bugs are more established and have a large number of employees.

Most of the general pest control companies also offer bed bug treatment of some kind, however many of them are not as experienced with bed bugs as they are with cockroaches, scorpions, bees, and other pest control that is common in AZ.

Only companies who are confident in their bed bug treatment methods will offer guarantees on their bed bug treatments for extended periods. You should look for companies that offer bed bug warranties that last longer than one year. Although it is easy to reintroduce bed bugs into a home that has been properly treated, a reputable Phoenix bed bug company will offer a hassle-free warranty that covers you in the event of re-infestation.  Many companies in Arizona only offer 30 to 90 day warranties with their bed bug treatments. This is not enough time to tell if a bed bug treatment has been effective. Bed bugs can hide and lay dormant for periods of time, and then re-emerge later. Also, bed bugs can be reintroduced from items that are brought into the home after treatment.

These are the different types of Phoenix Bed bug Treatments Offered:

Phoenix Bed Bug Treatment – We use Heat

phoenix bed bug treatment using gas heat

Arizona Heat Pest Services heats the entire space so no bed bugs can escape.

Bed bug heat treatment is only the most effective bed bug treatment if it is performed correctly. There are many different types of heat treatment for bed bugs that are offered from various pest control companies in Phoenix.

Gas heating of the entire space – What We Do

Using the correct style gas heater to quickly heat the entire space and kill all bugs and eggs. Most efficient, effective, and complete treatment. Only choose a company to perform the gas heating if the are highly experienced and hold liability insurance of $2 million or more. (like Arizona Heat Pest Services, the Phoenix bed bug treatment specialists also serving Tucson AZ)

Localized Heat – The “$150 per room Blow Dryer Treatment” (Very Inefficient)

Using a blow dryer, heat wand, heat gun, or steamer to kill all bed bugs that can be found. The heat will not reach all bed bug hiding areas in the furniture, flooring, linens, and walls. Least effective heating option.

Electric Heating of the entire space – The least efficient Phoenix bed bug treatment.

Using electric heaters that are left unmanned inside the home for at least 24 hours. This is one of the most inefficient ways to heat an infested space. It also seems very dangerous to leave a heating device inside a home without anyone there in case of emergency.

Phoenix bed bug treatment using Chemicals – The “no heat” method

Arizona Heat Pest Services can kill all bed bugs without using heat by using very specific pesticides. These pesticides must be applied in certain areas to prevent human exposure to them.

You can not kill bed bugs using over the counter chemicals or bombs as bed bugs are highly resistant to most pesticides. It will actually make the problem worse if performed incorrectly.

The success of a chemical treatment for bed bugs all depends on the type of chemicals that are used and the way that they are used. Most pest control companies in Phoenix fail at chemical treatment for bed bugs because they use the wrong types of chemicals in the wrong areas.

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